Strategic Framework 2021 / 23

Everything we do is to ensure that we are able to care for as many people with life-limiting and terminal illnesses as possible, as well as their carers and families. It is, therefore, very important that we have a Strategic Framework that best enables us to deliver quality care to all those that need it and be able to secure our long term suitability.

This Strategic Framework [which has been subject to rigorous review and has been ratified by the full Board of Trustees] will now serve to inform and engage the Hospice’s workforce [staff and volunteers] and our stakeholders [our supporters, the community that we serve and our partners within the North West Surrey Integrated Care Partnership]. It was our aim to set out in clear terms the direction of travel to the end of the financial year ending 31st March 2023. This will be a period of further consolidation to rebuild the organisation and recover from the impact of the pandemic.

The Hospice's Strategic Framework is set out against five Strategic "Pillars", namely: Quality, Access, Process, Workforce and Sustainability. Click on one of the five boxes below for more detail on each pillar or click on the box labelled 'Strategic Framework' to download the full executive summary.

The Five Strategic Pillars

Strategic Framework 2021 / 2023

You can read the full Strategic Framework executive summary document and more about our Vision, Mission and Values by clicking one of the buttons below.