We are far more than just a building

The care and support that Woking & Sam Beare Hospice and Wellbeing Care provides is uniquely special and it is our common goal to ensure the best quality of life for all our patients, their carers and families. 


patients and their carers and family members are cared for by us each year


of our care is delivered across the community in patient homes


Surrey Boroughs refer patients and their carers to us


is the number of fabulous volunteers we have

  • We care for patients with a wide range of advanced life-limiting illnesses
  • We care for adults of all ages
  • Hospice care is not just end of life
  • We offer support services for carers and family members
  • We offer young child and teenage counselling services
  • For every £5 of cost we incur we need to raise £4 from voluntary income to remain operational

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