Reindeer Run

01-31 December

1:00 am - 5:00 pm

Be more Rudolph!

Join in on the WSBH Reindeer Run with your school or group during December 2021.

It’s a great Christmassy craft activity and sporty fundraising challenge rolled into one.

It’s lots of fun and also an environmentally-friendly way to celebrate, as your children will make and customise their own antlers to wear for the Reindeer Run.

What does my school or group have to do to take part?

– Sign up to get your Welcome Pack which includes a free reindeer antler template, access to a fun filled warm up video and more!
– Choose your date (between 1 and 24 Dec), location and distance for your Reindeer Run.
– Inform your children and their parents of the fundraising event. Send sponsorship details out with a return date. (Check out our top fundraising tips included in the Welcome Pack)
– Enjoy making your reindeer antlers with the children as a fun craft project.
– Hold your event – and laugh a lot!
– Send us the wonderful funds raised – and pictures too if you are happy for us to share them on our social media

How do I register?

You can register your school here. 


Address information

Your choice of venue

Contact information



Contact name: Bobbie Alsworth

Phone: 01483 881 752