24th May 2021

Woking Explorers donation to the hospice

We are incredibly grateful for the donation from Woking Explorers of £845.

In 2019, 30 Woking Explorers started planning for a summer expedition to Switzerland in
July 2020. Their aim was to take part in as many adventurous activities as possible in the 8 days they would be there. The Explorers individually raised funds by baking, holding stalls at local fairs, quiz evenings & selling unwanted items. As a group they also completed a number of bag‐packing sessions at Marks and Spencer’s Brooklands and Morrisons in Woking.

Unfortunately due to COVID, all their fundraising efforts had to stop and the expedition had to be cancelled.

The explorers had already planned to share some of the funds raised with a charity of their
choice which was our hospice. But decided after the cancellation of their trip they would donate all they have raised to our charity.

“Thank you to everyone at the Woking Explores Scouts for their incredibly kind donation. We are so sorry to hear their planned activities did not go ahead due to the pandemic, but we are very grateful for the support they have given to the hospice by donating the funds they have raised. They should all be incredibly proud of their hard work”.  Bobbie Alsworth, Corporate and Community Fundraiser.

We are so grateful for the support of all the Woking Explorers.