Nic Morgan-Savage

Nic Morgan-Savage

Wellbeing Lead

I started working as a volunteer for Woking and Sam Beare Hospices in 2008 and then became a staff member in 2012.

I worked in the community as a Complimentary Therapist as well as the work I was doing within the hospice itself. I then became the Complimentary Therapy Lead, managing and leading a group of therapists and in 2019 I became the Wellbeing Lead which is my current position here at the hospice. Although I did help up on the ward during the pandemic.

As the Wellbeing Lead, I manage a team of nurses, HCAs, therapists and volunteers. I am usually based in the wellbeing centre in the hospice, the centre welcomes in and out patients, their families, bereaved family & careers and staff members for a wide range of therapies and treatments. We offer complimentary therapies such as massages, aromatherapy and reflexology, as well as occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Working at Woking and Sam Beare Hospices doesn’t feel like a job – it feels like a family. I love working here because I know we make a difference to peoples lives.